First workout done. 40 minutes on the core. Good. 40 mo for the run, up next. Good. You see if 20-40-60 is good for our clients, it’s gotta be more, not less, for the builder. 20-40-60, you may recount is the BTL recipe for slowing down and speeding up. 20 minutes of reflection/meditation/prayer. 40 minutes of reading/writing around something meaty to make you better. 60 minutes of exercise. We recommend our clients embrace this commitment, six days a week, every week. Some do. Most don’t. I do. Good…

My commitment is 30-180-60. I gotta do more to have the energy,strength, and conviction  to make a few do what they can. Fact. If you want to teach anything, get comfortable being a perpetual student. So, I’ll see you after the run. Actually, I’ll see you after the run and after a couple hours reading, again, about our great civil war. Seems we still got plenty to learn from Lincoln and his team of rivals. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Thanks, Abe…

What’s your disciplines to stop do, do, doing, and take some time to sharpen? 20-40-60 is good resolve. Good…

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