Change, accept, exit…

Last night, in our small group that’s not so small, we were studying Matthew 7. It was really cool and lots of good comments and curious questions were shared. In the end I summed it up kinda ccd. When you boil down all the teachings in the 66 books known at The Bible, it really comes down to two commands. Love God (emphasis on receive). Love people (emphasis on give). Love. Simple. Not easy…

When you look at the complexities of whatever circumstance you face today, remember, when you boil it all down, you’ve really only got three options – change, accept, exit. Change yourself/circumstance. Accept yourself/circumstance. Exit the environment. Change. Accept. Exit. Simple. Not easy. The popular option of sitting around and wishing you could change but telling yourself you can’t/won’t is the one that leads to so much misery. Remember, pain is inevitable – misery is a choice.

Change. Accept. Exit. You choose. Your choices have consequences. God, help me choose wisely. God, help me. Good…

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