Self limiting beliefs setting artificial limits on you…

Practice 24 started with Joe D exclaiming his sense of amazement that we’ve been practicing for over a year and a half. I’m not sure what he meant by this but it’s most likely a sense that we should be further along. Of course, I could be wrong.

By the end of 24, however, Joe D is stopping me from interrupting his team of four. He’s grabbing the reins because we’re having a great conversation, he tells me. Practice 24 was amazing to me. I’m not focused on how far we have to go. I’m amazed at how far this team has come. Actually, every team I practice with amazes me. Not a one of them is standing still and none of ’em are moving in the wrong direction. You see, the power in BTL practice is the incredible power of slowing down to speed up, the power of building trust by talking, the power of learning to listen and let others grab the reins, the power of having a plan and the confidence to scrap it, the power of calling out your self limiting beliefs, and the power of authoring who you really are so you can, well, be who you are. The power of BTL practice is unleashing the power of you. You, you see, are no ordinary Joe.

Today, a number of Kansans and even a few from Mizzou became a bit more the originals they already are, they’ve been just too afraid to let others see. Today, fear took a hit. Today, a couple self limiting beliefs were released by letting them out in the open. Today, trust was built in practice 24, in practice 11, and in a few one on one practices as well. The power of BTL practice is unleashing the power of you. Actually, the power in you. Remember, you are the CEO of Y.O.U.

Thanks for Sunday supper, young Rich Reda. Thanks for sharing your MOT (moment of truth) to kick us off this morning. Thanks for working on your core at 5:45am and working your CORE at 7:17am with your team of 17. Who knows, someday soon, you may be able to Lhang like a gymnast. That is if you get past your self limiting belief that it can’t be done because of your tree trunks:) What beliefs are you allowing to set limits on you, friend? Get ’em out, let ’em taste some fresh air and release them. Who knows, you may be able to build a business like young, Rich too. Who knows. Who knows what you might be able to do without your self limiting beliefs setting artificial limits on you. Who knows what might happen if you stop being a doubting Thomas, Thomas. Who knows.


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