Hard and open version 2.0…

The mind is a hard (wired) thing to change. This is mostly a good thing. We wouldn’t be any good if we couldn’t rely on our brain to take shortcuts, rush to judge, and run on automatic pilot the majority of the time. However, we won’t become master decision makers without the ability to hold dissonant thoughts in working memory and “deal with it” vs “dismiss it.”

Listening to thoughts/beliefs that are in “violent disagreement” to our own worldview are good food for thought. So, leader, let ’em in. Notice I didn’t say we must allow them to change us, but we must remain open to the possibility. Otherwise we will slowly insert ourselves into the prison of our own minds. We’ll have plenty of company inside these  prison walls, yet none will feel connected. Distinct and disconnected, remember, is a fine line from distinct and deeply connected. The strongest let the most in and wisely choose what sticks. Good. Wise.

This week I witnessed a strong man becoming a more convicted/courage giver. At his best he’s convicted and his convictions give courage to his colleagues. However, it’s a fine line from his peak to his valley. When he’s less secure he can come across as a convicted/courage taker. He, just like you and me, lives according to his beliefs – those beliefs that strengthen and those beliefs that weaken/limit him. We all decide what to deal with and what to dismiss. We all choose.

When was the last time you questioned your deepest held beliefs? When was the last time you listened to one of your front line workers, really heard their “violent disagreement” with your approach, and, instead of dismissing them as young, ignorant, and out of line, asked them to tell you more? When was the last time you changed your mind?

The mind is a hard thing to change. Hard to change and open minded is the one you want. Hard and open. Funny, huh…

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