All virtue is built by fighting what comes naturally. Strength is built by reaching beyond current capacity and failing. Bad habits are not broken. Instead, they are replaced with better ones. You with me?

Last night I stirred the pot with a physically strong team by using one of my favorite swear words. I told this team they are soft. This was met with mucho resistance. Today, during another team practice, I told another team the same. And, just moments ago, in another one on one practice I couldn’t help but use that foul word yet again. You see, our comfortable, convenient, choice filled world comes with an unintended consequence – it’s kinda easy to go soft.

The first step to becoming less soft is to build your capacity to hear hard truth. I know I am soft. Nobody needs to remind me. I remind myself daily. I am becoming less soft, not by avoiding hard truth, but by embracing it and the mental pain and suffering that comes along for the ride. All virtue is built by fighting what comes naturally and building a second nature. You don’t break what comes naturally, friend. You replace your natural tendencies with better ones.

Running with the crowd, allowing your emotions to go unchecked, and letting impulses take you where they may is what normal folks habituate. Guided by your CORE, in control of emotions, and resisting natural impulses is what strong, CORE centered/self controlling crazies habituate. One is soft. The other is less soft.

Which you making a habit of the heart, friend – Soft or less soft? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Your mind and body become less soft everytime you make the hard choice to do what you know is right. Today, choose to become less soft. Good…

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