Think about it…

Yesterday with a fast paced team of city slickers, we slowed down with the aim of, someday, speeding up. For now, however, we’re gonna slow down. The cadence was an adjustment but they did amazingly well. We ended by breaking some bread and sharing stories that meant something, at least in our minds. Good.

What might you master if you weren’t constantly finishing late, flying around with hair on fire, and infatuated with the new instead of marrying the mundane? Slow down and reflect, friend. Slow down and reflect. Remember, as Eddie V would say in his anthem titled Society, – “When you have more than you think, you need more space.”

Yesterday a team took some time to think. See you soon at practice 2 in that beautiful space of yours. Until then, give and take care. Give and take – think about it, it only makes sense. Time to think, friend. Time to think. I mean come on man, it wouldn’t make sense to only take care, now would it?

Think about it…

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