Vertical casting…

Last night, in practice 13 with a team of gymnasts, we started with our learning about self limiting beliefs. This team showed up ready to share and it was great, not good. We practiced giving courage to a couple newb’s – we gave ’em some love and all they had to do was let it in and say thanks. We primed the team to give something positive. It didn’t cost a thing…

Friend, remember, it’s so easy to go negative and go gossip. Gossip takes courage from another. Not good. Most teams have mastered giving gossip and robbing another to make themselves feel like more. Gossip damages all of us. The truth is that gossip hurts any teams performance. Fact. We see this all over the place. It’s’ normal. We, the BTL builders, want to help you build something extraordinary. Extraordinary teams love each other. Simple. Not easy. Good.

We broke into SEAL buddies and shared two limiting beliefs, asked curious questions, gave courage, and challenged out of belief. We challenged our SEAL buddy to replace their negative self talk with a positive mantra and then with some PA to build competence. Competence is the best producer of real, hard earned confidence. We build competence through deliberate practice. The hallmark of deliberate practice is it’s focused on specific skill development. We don’t “get better on bars.” You see, getting better on bars is too big, vague, and to your brain, it’s like telling yourself you want to get better in everything, not something. This brain gets overwhelmed and goes back to whatever routine it’s already got down. Comfort zone here we come. Normal.

This team is becoming elite the same way every team does – deliberate practice working on specific skills until they master ’em. So, instead of getting better on bars, this teammate chose to work on “vertical casting,” instead.  She’s gonna work with her team/coaches to come closer to 90 degrees during one part of her bars routine. She’s gonna keep working on this until she gets it written into myelin memory. Once she does, she is gonna move to another skill and rinse and repeat. Good. The road to mastery is found in deliberate practice working on baby step skill development. CBear is leading this team toward mastery, one baby step at a time. She is making great use of the SEAL buddy system and making it her own. Her team is responding – yours will too.

Love your work, leader. Love your team. Help ’em work on whatever represents “vertical casting” to them. Better on bars will come. Better scores will too. Focus on what you can control, remember. You can’t control outcomes. You can control effort and skill development. Focus here. Good…

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