Culture version 2.0…

Your team culture is all about a shared language. Of course the language must translate into shared behaviors that come from shared beliefs and we know most of us haven’t figured out what we believe ourselves or even why we behave as we do. Yikes. Reality check. Turns out it’s easier when our companions have a clue. Let me try to explain.

The BTL model always begins with the leader. We make the team leader figure out who they are, where they’re going, and how they want to get there, first. Yup, the leader goes first. We indoctrinate them into the BTL way, if you will, before we expose the team to the craziness. We, the BTL builders, practice one on one with the head of the system and help them gain clarity of the kinda culture they want oozing out of their 20 square feet. You see, corporate cultures are actually the result of all the individual cultures in your company. Knowing human nature, the culture of the leader is most naturally imitated, especially if it’s contagious. Know what kinda culture’s most contagious, leader? The kinda culture that authentically reflects your character (who you are), not your reputation(who others think you are). And, if you want your corporate culture to give courage as people catch it, you better fill yourself with a fountain of love for your work and your team.  You see, culture is the combination of your character and your competence, leader.

Your character is best reflected in your worldview (deepest held beliefs), identity (the names you give yourself), and principles (the values that mean the most and guide behavior). W.I.P.

Competence starts with figuring out what lights you up – your passions. Writing out your “love to’s” is step one. Purposes (the big why’s that get you going and give you meaning) define your work/life. Finally, your process is the productive action that ties all five elements together. Your PA is the daily discipline of living life in alignment with who you are in your CORE six pack.

W.I.P. – A beautiful work in process. Good.

3P – A love infused, meaningful, and disciplined CEO of Y.O.U.

Your team culture is all about shared language, shared behaviors, and shared beliefs. And, your team culture isn’t a cult. The very best teams, remember, are ONE, distinct and deeply connected. So, leader, get comfortable with just enough alignment. Allow individuals to enjoy the distinct differences between each other while respecting and remaining connected. Your individual culture, leader, is paramount. You gotta keep rinsing, keep communicating, keep modeling the way, and keep challenging out of belief to get the kinda behaviors you want stamped in your culture.

Putting words on walls is easy. Engraving your W.I.P. & 3P on your heart – hard. Be the kinda CEO your team sees as a cool, companion, with a clue. Be worth catching. Focus here, friend. Focus on filling your fountain with the purest energy on the planet – love. Focus here…

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