In the 1400’s the world was dark. Knowledge was scarce and scribes, mostly monks, were ensuring what knowledge we had was transferred to the next generation. Painstakingly, they transcribed book after book. Can you imagine their joy when in the later end of the century a guy named Gutenberg invented the “movable type.” Almost over night, the role of the scribe was replaceable. Here’s what happened next. This reaction is so commonplace it must be some kinda human nature.

The scribes began to organize to preserve their “profession.” They fought the inevitable. They held onto the old way of doing things even in the face of daunting evidence to the contrary. One of the smartest monks decided he was not going to take it without a fight. He wrote a book about the value of the scribe. Here was his mistake. Since he was in a hurry to get it “published,” he had it printed. Funny, huh…

What change in your “profession” are you fighting?

What disruptive technologies are you embracing?

Where is your value proposition migrating? Who is driving the migration?

Remember, all systems change and evolve. The healthy ones disrupt themselves from within before the market/world does. You can either disrupt or, eventually, go dark. Disrupt, my friends. Disrupt…

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