Keep caring…

I’m riding the orange line train to Midway as this rant comes out. Today was practice 2 with Tommyc and his Chitown teammates. Midway through the practice I asked them to fire either curious or challenging questions my way. I cared enough to ask, cared enough to listen, and cared enough to respond honestly. The team responded with a flurry. This team is trusting more than most. We’re only on team practice 2 and yet there is a depth of trust with each other, their leader, and even toward a strange outsider – me. The depth of questions is a great indicator of the level of trust with your team, leader.

So, next time you go asking for the breakfast of champions (feedback) and you’re greeted with crickets, don’t despair. Wait patiently. Embrace the silence and remind the team why you want them to hit you with truth. Keep asking. Keep waiting. Keep working at trusting first. Keep caring on so many levels. Keep caring. When you seek feedback, leader, the more you receive the better. Allow the team to speak. Practice listening and letting it in. You’ll see, the depth isn’t depressing. The deeper the question/concern/feedback, the deeper the opportunity to turn toward.

Trust is always built when you turn toward, friend. Turn toward hearing truth. You may hear lots of noise – normal. Tune in like an animal being stalked and you just might hear some game changing stuff too. Today, during practice 2, a number of Chitown teammates practiced being curious and challenging out of belief. Yeah,  I know, it’s only practice 2.

This team is more trusting, so, we’re moving deeper sooner. Fact. You cannot rush the trust building process, friend. But don’t be afraid to go for it when you sense it’s there. Who knows, kinda like we saw today as we tuned into Gettysburg, you just might turn a team of mutineers into a team with fixed bayonets following you down your little round top. Move toward. Care enough to give more than you demand. Turns out, leader, in the eyes of your teammates, you can’t care too much. Keep caring. Good…

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