Grammy winning duo, Twenty One Pilots, has a song titled Stressed Out on their album titled Blurryface. 

Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

“I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink.”

“But now I’m insecure and I care what people think.”

“My names Blurryface and I care what you think.”

Translation. Fears do not naturally dissipate with age or experience. Fears don’t go away. Fears lessen as you and I act into them. Fact. Want whatever you fear to shrink? Find a bigger love and focus your mind on that. Visualize your love to in your arms, on your beam,  doing your routine, on your course, in your LVQ, with your satisfied client, having a beer while savoring a win with your mates, or climbing whatever represents your ladder to the sun. See beyond your ever present fear.

As you focus beyond the fear and toward the love, your aim becomes clearer as does your face. Blurryfocus produces a blurryfearfilledface. OPUSfocus produces something cool, caring, and you see it in her eyes. She cares what you think if you’re her coach, SEAL buddy, teammate, teacher, or anyone she can learn from. She doesn’t care what you think if you’re some blurryfacebookfriend, blurryfacesnapchatter, blurrytwitterite, blurryinstantgrammar, blurrybullyfilledwithfear, or some other kinda blurrycriticwhodoesntreallycare. Equipped with her strong sense of self, her strong CORE, she sees right past the blurries.

How ’bout you friend – Where’s your focus?


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