Limited by our beliefs…

Tervel, freakin’ magic Olympic stud Tervel, told me something funny the other day. Tervel told me he questioned his value to the team if his back doesn’t get better. You see, Tervel is one of the few studs capable of making Kyle Snyder better. Translation. Tervel makes Kyle earn his points. Kyle is not the kinda performer to be satisfied with one Gold Medal or one NCAA title. Kyle wants to keep getting better. And, Tervel is one of the few men who can make Kyle work on the mat when he’s opposing him. Here’s the funny part. Tervel is the assistant coach now and is full time dedicated to making all the Buckeye’s better. His back will someday get better. However, he can’t possibly wrestle Olympic studs like Kyle forever.

He can, however, make Kyle do what he can. He can continue to work him mentally, spiritually, and physically. You see, Tervel, is not just an Olympic stud, he’s learning to be an OSU coaching stud too. He loves the sport and he loves the men. He’s learning to teach what the athlete needs to know. He’s learning to study these students and figure out the small nuance to tick up performance. He’s gonna be a FM coach. And, his value to this program is kinda off the charts already. You don’t have to be a genius to see that these men love this big, teddy bear Tervel.

So, friend, whatever team you’re leading, realize that you’re gonna frequently question whether you’re delivering value. All of us have doubts, even Olympic studs do. All of us fear our influence is tied to something that Father Time’s gonna take from us. So, embrace your self limiting beliefs. Get them out in the open. Face them. Give ’em a good hug and realize how soft and powerless they really are. Then, let ’em go and get back to work building skill in you and your teammates. Look up and thank God for giving you the gifts He so generously gave. Look around and find a target that’s ready to give a full measure of effort.

Love your work and love your team. You are not limited by your back. You and I are limited by our beliefs. Let go of the self limiting ones and bolt on some better ones, friend. Good…

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