Even keeled…

Today, a client of mine told me he’s not interested in achieving a certain position in his company. He’s seen others reach this pinnacle and it’s chewed them up and spit ’em out. His belief is the position has grown too big for any one person. Here’s the truth I told him, friend.

The position is not the problem, the person is. Whatever struggle you face, it’s not due to the fact that you’re in a position that cannot be conquered. The problem is you lack poise. The problem is you are not prepared for the moment, position, or power. The problem is not the position is too big, it’s that the person is not strong. The higher you rise in any system, friend, the more time you must invest, when no one sees, putting weight in your keel. You see, the proper ballast in the keel of a boat is what gives it poise on the open waters, hence the nautical term “even keel.” The bigger the boat, the more weight required to keep it even keeled. This is true for you too. Your keel, friend, is your CORE…

Do not be afraid of rising in your system. Prepare. Invest time alone knowing who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re gonna get there. Preload your response before the storm comes. Prepare for the position before you’re awarded the promotion. Prepare. Build within. Build your CORE. Good.

You can achieve what you are prepared to earn. Do not let fear force you into playing small. And, do not let outside pressure push you to assume a position before you’re prepared. The higher you rise, the more time you need to slow down and go quietly in your room, alone. Think. Reflect. Prepare. Build resolve, wisdom, and put more weight in your keel – your CORE.

The moments not too big when you’re prepared, when you’re even keeled. Good…

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