Less soft…

Our comfortable, convenient, and choice filled world comes with an unintended consequence – it’s kinda easy to go soft.

The first step to becoming less soft is to build your capacity to hear hard truth. I know I am soft. I remind myself daily. I am becoming less soft, not by avoiding hard truth, but by embracing it and the mental pain and suffering that comes along for the ride. All virtue is built by fighting what comes naturally and building a second nature. You don’t break what comes naturally, friend. You replace your natural tendencies with better ones.

Running with the crowd, allowing your emotions to go unchecked, and letting impulses take you where they may is what normal folks habituate. Guided by your CORE, in control of emotions, and resisting natural impulses is what strong, CORE centered/self controlling crazies habituate. One is soft. The other is less soft.

Which you making a habit of the heart, friend – Soft or less soft? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Your mind and body become less soft everytime you make the hard choice to do what you know is right. The untrained brain, remember, is not your friend here. The untrained brain defaults to energy save mode. Naturally, we choose the easy way round and default to lazy learning and lazy habits. Normal. So, friend, it helps to hang with crazies who make you do what you can. Friends matter. Choose wisely.

Today, Grappy, Slo, jmo, Bondie, Littlest Fricker, and I chose to become less soft with 89 minutes of chosen suffering in the 3PP. About 75 minutes into the workout, in the middle of the TRXsawfestivus, the Littlest Fricker asked me a question in between some shallow, labored breathes – “You think we’ll still be doing this at 70?” You see, LF is 60 and is starting to feel his age a bit more than when he turned 50. He’s fast forwarding in his mind and wondering how long he’ll be able to hang. So, without thinking I blurted out some truth in love. “Of course we will, if we’re still alive.” Jmo provided a beautiful “and,” something like “shut the f*&$! Up.” Everybody laughed. I may have laughed the hardest at first but there’s something about bellyachekindalaughter – it’s contagious.

Our comfortable, convenient, and choice filled world is freaking magic when you enjoy some comradarie with crazies. The comradarie of suffering is essential to becoming less soft, friend. Choose to be less soft some of the time. Appreciate and be grateful for the blessings you receive along the way. It’s easy to go soft. Today, choose less soft. Good…

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