No self made man…

Today the Arnold Sports Festival wrapped up their 29th event in Cbus. The partnership between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer has blossomed into the worlds largest sports festival. If you’re a Cbus resident and have never been, you really gotta check it out. There is something for everyone. Today was my third trip to the closing day as the ASF has been partnered with BTL for three years now.

This year was the best yet as my daughter, Krits, and her boyfriend (Josh) came with. FM, baby.

We walked around and took it in as we shadowed my client in his element. And we got to hear a really cool interview with ASF winner, Cedric McMillan. He said you gotta be a good man before you can be a good body builder. He was all over doing the work and doing other work too. He challenged the bodybuilders to be something beyond just bodybuilders. Got the place going. He challenged the bodybuilder to work on one thing at a time. Baby step the bodybuilding was his theme. You don’t work on the whole body, you chunk it out. This is timeless truth. Same is true for building anything, one baby step at a time. Very cool.

Arnold came on at 11:06 and he showed Cedric some love as he thinks he’s a deserving champion. Cedric told a little Conan story about when he was 8 and watched it for the first time. He knew he wanted to start getting strong after seeing what a strong man looked like, he said. Cedric is from the projects and told of checking out a book about bodybuilding when he was in elementary school. Coming from damn, South Carolina with no daddy, (“don’t know where his ass is at”) Cedric said he wasn’t supposed to grow up to be anything. He’s come a long way since that rough start and couldn’t have done it alone. He had lots of believers along the way. He paid Arnold a heartfelt compliment when he said that as nice as the money and trophies are, they don’t compare to the gift of Arnold’s belief. Arnold’s belief was his first place trophy, he said. The power of belief. The big fella teared up. Very cool to see.

The ASF wrap was, of course, Arnold’s speech. His theme? No self made man. No such thing, he said. We all get help along the way. We should never forget that we are where we are because of other helping hands along the way. He said he would be nothing without the help of Jim Lorimer. They’ve been partners for 41 years and it’s been about a handshake and faith from the beginning. Arnold thanked his partner and thanked all the partners in the room. It was a cool day invested with one of my clients that had me unintendly running into a couple other clients too. It was a cool day with Krits and Josh where we were surprised by Cedric. It was the best Arnold yet and it ended with my client asking Josh and Krits if they had become fans after their first visit. I’m not sure exactly what they said but I could swear it was something along these lines – “We’ll be back.”

Thanks ASF for the gift of your belief. No self made man. Fact. Together we improve. Together. Good…

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