Embrace and act…

There’s an old saying, “Where your attention goes, energy flows.” Last night, during practice 16 with a team of gymnasts, I asked the team to tell me where their collective attention has gone the last two competitions on the beam. Kinda like the great communicator, Ronald Reagan, back in 1984, these great gymnasts have given their attention to what’s gone wrong and energy has taken a hit. Performance has as well. When advisor after advisor corrected President Reagan before the second debate, he got worse instead of better. Unintended consequence for sure…

Sometimes, leader, your best course of action is to correct the mistake in the moment and sometimes it’s to let it go right on by. Competence is the most consistent course toward confidence, but it’s not the only road from here to there. Sometimes we gotta let it go and just go all cheerleader on ’em. Sometimes we gotta go quietly. Sometimes we gotta demand more and get in their grill. Leaders understand there’s no exact formula for deciding when to do what. Leaders understand it’s on them to make hard calls with partial information. Leaders understand they’re not gonna be liked as they make decidres. Leaders decide, anyway.

You, leader, gotta always remember where your attention goes, energy flows. Your job is to know when to go hard, when to go easy, and when to let it go. Leadership is not a black and white job, friend. Leaders embrace the ambiguity and make decidres. Embrace and act. Good…

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