Swim buddies to gym buddies…

The Navy SEAL’s BUD’s training is designed to render out the few, in essence, only the gritty gonna make it through the grind. But it takes more than individual grit to make it through the grinder, you’ve gotta get out of your own head. SEAL instructors look for the man who doesn’t retreat into himself when overwhelmed, instead he merges with the team.

The ancient Greeks had a word for this (seems they had a word for about everything) -Ecstasis – “the act of stepping beyond oneself.” According to SEAL commander Davis, “More than any other skill, SEAL’s rely on this merger of consciousness. Being able to flip that switch – that’s the real secret to being a SEAL.” In essence the key to being a SEAL is the ability to become ONE with your mates, especially when overwhelmed. This is why they establish SEAL swim buddies even when on missions in the middle of sand.

This is why we establish swim buddies in the gym and in all BTL practices. We want all our teams to merge, not retreat. The normal sport/work culture is all about me, getting mine. What makes the SEAL’s special is their ability to read each other without sharing words. You and your mates can have this kinda freakin’ magic too. It takes practice. You have to get tired together, a good tired. You have to share a common aim and trust everybody is pulling together. You have to earn this kinda trust and BTL practice is our version of the grinder.

Want a better team, leader? Get out of your own head when overwhelmed and merge with the team. Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in love. Exhort, encourage, extract, and stay connected. Sometimes out front, sometimes beside, and sometimes behind (never very far). Ecstasis, friend. It’s not all about you. Step beyond yourself. Open your eyes. There’s an entire team of gym buddies, mat buddies, producer buddies, choice buddies, k-Dev buddies, Home buddies, Lockton buddies, Arnold buddies, Hamilton buddies, and even some Pizza buddies that are ready to merge with you. What are you waiting for. Grab a hand below and pull a buddy up. Grab a hand beside you and carry on. Grab a hand above you and keep reaching together.

Together we merge into one. Together we improve. Good…

1 thought on “Swim buddies to gym buddies…

  1. The best part about this is that you can tap resources when you are weak and give resources when your strong. Being strong at all times is impossible. To have a team that can encourage you and balance your weaknesses and visa versa is like having superhuman strength, because you do. You’ve got multiples instead of one. Not only does it take you out of yourself to be part of a team but it creates a collective of purpose. We’re in this together. I’m learning this right now. I just recently experimented with letting my partner/husband take the lead for a week. What we discovered was that alone we have strengths and weaknesses, but together we have only have strength and balance, but more importantly we felt connected and powerful. I also gave an exercise to a few key members of my team to write about their beliefs for our newest company. What I discovered was strength in them that I don’t have. I never would’ve known. Now comes the follow through of using our individual beliefs to craft a team belief that everyone can get behind to drive a meaningful company built with super human strength.

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