Loss to learning…

The heart of elite performers is rooted in love and humility. Elite love the pursuit of better. And, elite don’t like to lose. Recently, an elite client of mine wrote me some great words. He wrote the root reason behind a recent loss of his. He beat himself up. I mean he kicked himself hard. He even took the time to explain it to me in detail, not so I could somehow make it better or feel sorry for him. Nope, he wasn’t looking for sympathy. He wrote it out so he could get it out, he told me. He went to bed that night and slept like a baby. His good nights rest was further proof that kicking his own ass had been a righteous experience. He had gotten it out of him and was at peace that the loss was turned to learning.

Loss to learning. Good.

Elite performers, remember, are hard on self without getting down on self. If you want to become elite you had better get busy building this skill. If you want to be normal or average, just tell yourself the lie that you’re “showtime” when you didn’t even make the show. Go on, put yourself on Instagram, Twitter, and make yourself look like you’ve got something special. You’ll feel good for awhile – not for long.

Elite performers lose. When they do – they learn. The elite turn loss to learning. Elite don’t wait for their coach to jump their stuff. Like my elite client, they beat their builder to the punch. Are you beating your builder to the punch or kidding yourself? When was the last time you were harder on yourself than someone on your team? When was the last time you learned, really learned, by humbly admitting you lost and getting it out there instead of burying it somewhere? Remember as our friend Os Guinness exclaims, “When you do something virtuous, keep it quiet. When you mess up, get it out there. Your problem is you keep the wrong secrets.”

Loss to learning. Good…

1 thought on “Loss to learning…

  1. I love that you said that elite performers are rooted in love and humility. To constantly strive to be better is a very humble mindset because you know you’re not ‘there’. To know that the only way to get there is to improve on the improvements, and learn from the failures daily. My fear of failure is nearly gone because I know I have the incite to gain valuable knowledge from those failures that will make me even better than if I had never failed in the first place. Not to mention that if I miss something I am humble enough to take the criticism. To me those tough moments, mistakes and times where I kick my butt or get it kicked are great releases for major pivots. I’m excited to improve today.

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