We led…

Yesterday, practice 228 with Choice, we had 33 teammates make the choice to come to practice. To describe this as freakin’ magic, doesn’t do it justice. There were so many in flow, truth in love was in the air, and trust was everywhere. I could not be happier for this collection. Here are the notes from practice. Is your team this transparent? Are you? Check it out…

We started with me telling you about the question posed to me at lunch today, a client asked me if I was feeling my age. I am not. I am, however, more and more aware of my age and appreciating today. You and I will not be here forever. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I am waking up every morning and reminding myself, like King Phillip of Macedonia, that one day, I too will die. I’m making sure to really live today, aware of my age, aligned with my CORE, and toward the aim of opus. Good. I asked you to answer that question for you. You are writing at 3:08. We then proceeded with you telling me where you want to go today. Practice got out of control, almost immediately.

Hopper started the sunday supper share. “What would happen if you slowed it down,” is taped to his phone wallpaper. He’s gonna keep changing it up to keep some fresh reminders to slow it down. Ashley shared about the power of family. She has provided physical safety and having it written down in her opus has brought clarity. Sam shared about some tough struggles at home (I’ve eliminated details).  She is gonna have the hard convo. Another teammate shared how timely this was for her. Her 52 year old family member is planning for death. Be happy in your work everyday because it’s such a part of you. She loves it here, I heard. Keisha shared about her girl, her little girl. She goes home because she’s a mom now. Cali wrote about the blessing of living her opus. She’s gonna be 30 soon and has such clarity for someone so young. A life of opus is ahead of her, she shared with a satisfied smile. Sarah said she too has clarity and feels fortunate she can live her opus.And, it may change soon with a new addition on the way. Good.

Tosha shared about living opus outside of here. She’s building financial freedom for her family and is living it out here and at home as much as possible. Unplugging at home, I heard, is a big deal for a bunch of folks. We heard from a newbie that she “was pulled here.” Jmo reminded the team we should all feel blessed to be here. For those who haven’t been employed elsewhere, you don’t know what you’ve got. Jmo is old but doesn’t feel it. He’s aware, awake, and given the opportunity to do what he loves to do. He wants to help grow this business in new ways. One of his passions is around Re-start. Benjy shared another angle. Benjy is 23 and just starting the journey, he told us. He’s only been here a few months and has already rinsed opus upon opus (he calls ’em wopus – work opus).  He has a full beard and great clarity for someone so young 🙂

Jeff told us that he wrote about “what’s on your phone thought.” A year ago he got off the phone and into good books, he said. He’s a wip and on his way. Churp chimed in to share the power of “doing the hard work.” Cali said don’t wait for the “oh shit moment” to wake you up. Josh shared his and. He started by doing one thing. Even if it’s writing one thing or one page in a book, one PA can lead to a waterfall. Benjy anded again with the butterfly effect. Assign priority to the PA so you don’t drown in them. Sarah asked me what kinda events wake up more folks to turn on an opus. She wants to know if it’s aha moments or oh shit moments. Aha. Good. I heard the power of a truth teller or SEAL buddy. Heels asked Sarah why she woke up from oh shit moments. Sarah shared her clarity. This team challenges out of belief like it’s a reflex. So, freakin’ good.

Kameron goes by Kam. Kam is here because of Kolby and Calimovies. He was led here, he said. He’s on day three. Emily has been here 5 days. Emily was pulled here too. She was job searching and was referred by Jay and lured by videos. After searching for 6 months she had two offers the same day. She came here even though she had an offer in her expertise. She came here even though she had a job offer that more aligned with what she has been trained for. She came here because this culture attracted her. Let this sink in, team.

Heels wants to partner up for 7 good minutes and listen and challenge. So, she and I practiced in front of the team. No prep. No fear. She simply turned toward me, I asked the first question and away we went. We talked this through. Jmo chimed in. Keisha kept interrupting 🙂 Nobody cared. FM, baby. The melody line for Heels was to focus on what you can control. Measure effort kinda metrics. Outcomes, not so much. Focus on working harder and building skill. Churp gave a good challenge to focus on the most strategic clients and make a bigger impact where it’s most important. Good. It is 3:54 and we’re writing what we learned and how we can put some of this learning into a baby step of action. Hopper thought there were deeper issues with Heels. He wants to go deeper. So, he and heels are outside talking. Good. Jmo jumped on the inner voice. Talk back to it. Stop listening to it, he reminded us. The Tosha measure backward is all about mindset, durp reminded us. Sam shared the power of documentation for keeping us on the right track. Writing it down guides our effort to more productive action, Sam shared.

I asked Cali when she last rinsed her opus. She is getting ready to rinse it again with the addition of Ari. She’s gonna play with more of the business and coach and develop talent more of the time. She is getting to put it together and live it. She’s gonna target Dantheman. High balance work. Lets do one right now, I challenged her. In an instant, Keisha and Cali are role playing a big balance workflow. It is 4:18 and we’re underway. These two talked work strategies for 7 good minutes. Tons of great ideas bubbled up. The room was lit and lots of folks were learning how to better perform in their 20 square feet. Durp was patient. He allowed Cali to practice. Good. After the role play was complete, he asked her how it could have been better. Ask more questions she said. Durp agreed. I encouraged Cali to write to her team nightly. She already writes to herself. Write to us. Then when you coach you can stay curious and know you’ve already told them what you know. Good. We ended with two questions for Durp. The questions were amazing and would have kept going if we let them. Some were personal. Some professional. Some funny. Some serious. We laughed. We learned. We laughed. We learned. We led…


Focus on what you can control. Effort. Not outcome. The growth minded measure themselves against their own standards and they focus on metrics they can control. Do more of this. Stretch. Reach. Get stronger, you’ll see, positive vibes will be flowing from within. Good.

PA for Cali:

Develop the discipline of writing to the team nightly/weekly etc. Share more knowledge. Broadcast. Practice your coaching with more curiosity. Good. You are growing. Keep working, friend. Keep working.

PA for Hopper/Heels:

Write what you learned from your time together and broadcast to this team.

PA for Ashley:

Come prepared to practice 230 to share a book report on The Anger Trap.

Good practice 228, Team. Good work, again. We laughed. We learned. We led. We led. So, reader, if you made it this far, does this sound like one of your 90 minute meetings? At BTL we don’t do meetings, workshops, sessions, or seminars. We practice. We lead practice for awhile. Whenever a teammate is strong enough, they have the choice to take the lead. Yesterday, we led. We led. Good…

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  1. And don’t miss the obvious… this practice made no sharp distinction between work AND life… in great cultures we live out what we yearn for most in the workplace – which is to be KNOWN. In most workplace cultures the lives of people are NOT known – in fact they are guarded and it’s uncool to pry. Leader, this is on you. What kind of team do you want? What kind of culture do you want? Are you PRACTICING to build what you want, or just working to keep what you have? And don’t miss the other obvious… this didn’t happen overnight – practice #228 means this is their 228th time practicing – taking 90 minutes out of the middle of the afternoon to build a kind of oneness which does not just magically happen on its own. Together We Improve. Believe it or not?

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