Today, during an early morning practice, I challenged a leader to be kind. You see, he tends to believe he’s being nice when he holds his tongue and allows poor behavior to go unchecked. It’s not really bad stuff, of course, just the kinda behavior that separates good from great. Instead of hitting his teammate with truth in love in the moment, he simply stews and gets frustrated that another one of his guys just doesn’t get it. He’s playing nice, he thinks, by biting his tongue. His colleague hasn’t a clue.

Kind is love in action. Nice is love in appearance.

Be kind. Good…

2 thoughts on “Kind…

  1. Truth lacking love is not true, and tends towards cruelty.
    Love lacking truth is not love, and tends towards apathy.
    Cruelty and apathy are not the ones you want.
    Truth AND love. That’s the distinct and deeply connected ONE you want.

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