Worldview version x.0…


Here’s the latest rinse of my worldview. These thoughts represent my deepest held beliefs and guide my behavior. They, like me, are a perpetual work in process. I am slowly beginning to see the shore. I share them with family, friends, and clients in the spirit of transparency. My aim is not for you to believe what I do. I want you to figure out your worldview and align accordingly. Together we improve. Distinct and deeply connected is the kinda one we’re after. Feel free to skip this rant as it’s rather long.

I believe…

God exists, created everything, made us for Him, gave us free will, And, modeled the way, embraced pain and suffering, and embodied truth in LOVE. Thank you Jesus.

I am accountable to God.

Jesus is the begotten son of God and the light of the world.

There is a law of human nature just as there are laws of nature. The laws of nature tell us what something does in fact do, the law of human nature reminds us humans of what we ought do but do not. Thanks C.S. Lewis.

Absolute truth exists. It’s just really rare and rarely found.

I am my own worst enemy.

Life is a paradox. We are good and evil.

We are made to glorify God by enjoying him. Thanks Larry.

We are designed with the deep desire to belong and become. These desires are in conflict.

We are made for relationship with God and humankind. And, all human relationships are poison and wine.

We are broken people trying to become whole.

We are a perpetual W.I.P….

All humans are born to lead, at a minimum we are on the hook to lead ourselves.

All humans have a justice thread and are naturally “over-tuned” to our own.

All virtues are built by going against our “nature.” Second nature is the ONE I want. Thanks N.T. Wright.

Creation and Evolution are true. Thanks Francis Collins.

Faith without science is fools gold. Science without faith is science fiction. Funny, huh…

All humans are being BUILT TO LEAD. The key question is who are your builders. I am choosing to build me with the help of a few.

Betrayal stings like death. And, none of us gets outa here without experiencing both.

Leaders are believers.

Beliefs and behaviors are always out of alignment. The deeper my beliefs the more clearly I see my blemishes; yours NOT so much.

Leaders model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and try like hell to embody truth in LOVE. All of us fall short. The best among us keep getting up.

Life is a test. What comes out under pressure only reveals what has been in me all along.

We come into the world self centered and other controlling. I am learning to become CORE centered and self controlling. It is not all about me. Dang it..

Pain is inevitable, misery is a choice.

Time is undefeated.

Chronic pain dulls and deadens our senses. Chronic pain is slow death in the making. Chronic pain is epidemic today. Chronic pain wear us out.

Hearing happens very rarely when we’re hurting. And, most humans are hurting most of the time.

Embracing acute pain is the recipe for eliminating chronic pain.

Peace is found on the other side of acute pain…

My bride, our family and friends are the greatest source of joy I’ve known here. And, home is where the hurt is too…

Passion is jet fuel for living.

All humans are filled with FEAR. And, FEAR is the real “F” word.

truth in LOVE conquers all.

Why hide? Be who you are. Good…

All humans are creative.

Measure progress looking back. Gain inspiration looking forward, at the unattainable/aspirational, overarching vision of your OPUS.

Clear, concise, and direct (always with respect) is the language of connectors.

Challenge and contentment go together. Just this side of chaos is where high performance resides.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions AND it’s overrated.

Sabotage is a part of every human system. Thanks Friedman.

I can only do what I have learned to do, and I have much to learn about just about everything.

Not yet…

Alone is one “L” of a difference from All ONE. Thanks Gurue.

Distinct and deeply connected is the hallmark of deep relationship. The problem lies in your distinction, however. The more distinct one becomes, the more likely the disconnects. It is a fine line between the two. Distinct and deeply connected is the ONE you want. Distinct and disconnected is a thin line away. Humility helps us stay connected…

Worry is too much future and not enough present. Thanks Ekhart Tolle.

I get energy from pushing myself and others physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Big dreams give us energy. Thanks Goethe.

I learn the most from those that don’t like me. Funny, huh.

The more I learn, the less I know…

Pride is NOT one of my problems, it is my biggest problem. Pride tells me to look around, mostly down, and compare. Humility drops me to my knees, demands I look up, and adjusts my aim accordingly. I am here to humbly serve and I need God’s help to gain His perspective. God, help me…

A balanced life is not my aim, integrating around my OPUS, PoP, and sCORE is my roadmap to mastering the art of living. Thanks Chateaubriand or Jack…

All humans have faith in someone or something.

All humans have a God shaped vacuum that only He can fill. Thanks Pascal, I think.

If I’m still breathing, I’m good. Good. Thanks, SEAL’s.

My capacity is grown through the relentless pursuit of my God given potential. Never stop pushing.

Excellence is a hero’s journey unique to each of us, fraught with struggle, laced with failure, taken with another, and toward something bigger than ourselves.

I am NOT in control. I cannot control circumstances, other people or life in general. I want control. I am slowly becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable and out of control. I have 100% control of my choices, and I am learning to “go with the flow.”

I am slowly becoming awake and oriented times four…

Desire is not my problem, being far too easily pleased is. Thanks C.S. Lewis.

The more I deeply change, the more authentic I become.

In fact, maturity is the process of becoming the original we already are, we’ve just been too afraid to play.

Putting first things first does not make second things less. Thanks C.S. Lewis, my favorite author.

All humans have integrity gaps. I am working to notice yours less and close more of mine.

The most powerful force in the universe is a soul on fire.

Real power resides in rest, restraint, repair and deep resolve, not so much in revenge!

I lose energy when I can’t see the shore. Thanks Seabird.

Vision over visibility. Thanks Bono.

Comfortable in confusion. Thanks Alive.

Peace and power are mostly found when one goes, quietly, to their room, alone. Thanks, Pascal.

All humans leave a legacy. We all transmit something to the next generation. I am trying to transmit love and I’m struggling.

Survival wiring has me naturally thinking of things as “either or.” I am slowly learning the power of “anding.”

Mindset matters. A growth mindset loves learning more than it loathes losing. I believe in growth and am learning not to care so much about winning. Thanks Carol Dweck.

I am a house divided. And, slowly and painstakingly becoming ONE.

Evil exists. The enemy uses distraction, today, like there’s no tomorrow.

Keep working.

Marry the mundane.

Someday, God will return and put all things right. We know deep within, if we dare go there, that nothing makes sense this side of that day.

Hope makes no sense in utter darkness. God is light. Run away and toward.

We are all imitators. The question is around who you imitate.

Never stop attacking. Thanks, Kyle Snyder.

If it’s gonna be funny in the future, go on, laugh now.

The longing for justice, search for spirituality, hunger for relationship, and desire for beauty are stirrings in our souls. Thank you N.T. Wright.

The melody line I am choosing to hold in my mind is simple and powerful beyond words. God, help me.

And, keep working, keep playing, keep laughing, keep lending, keep leaning, keep learning, keep giving, keep serving, keep creating, keep resisting, keep integrating, keep wandering, keep challenging, keep caring, keep repairing, keep building, keep going through whatever the world puts in your path, and above all else, keep loving. Good…

6 thoughts on “Worldview version x.0…

  1. “Folks, there goes another one…
    Right – Out – Of – The – Park!!!”
    Chet, Thanks for hitting another home-run.
    All of us, on each of the bases, celebrate your clarity and gain from your contribution. Together we celebrate your Grand-Slam!
    Keep living, Keep Loving,
    Keep being you!

    1. You’re welcome, Chet.

      6:00AM. 10/23/16. I was one of many in a group workout that you led at the Igniting Souls Conference, in Columbus, OH.. Your workout revealed my core condition, (or lack there-of). I asked what my next step was. TRX was your answer. Since then I have: enjoyed growth from the perspective of your posts… found a TRX under the Christmas Tree… transitioned from 222lbs to 202lbs… realized a whole new level of strength… along with an expanded view for continued growth.

      Thank you for rising early on a Sunday.
      You’ve been a true catalyst.
      I remain grateful.

  2. Chet: You and I have never met. My name is Pete Walsh. I live in KC. A great friend introduced me to you and your blog. I just needed to write to say how much I appreciate the time, discipline, and sacrifice that goes into your writing. This particular post is amazing.

    To me, as beautiful as it is, the other side of a lazy decision can seem to be a lonely and imprisoning place. I like to think of it as if I’m regularly lifting weights, yet not paying attention to what I’m lifting. Somehow or another, over time, I can bench press more weight than I ever could imagine.

  3. Hey, Pete. Thanks for your attention. I’m not sure I am following your comment about the other side of lazy. Can you tell me more, please? Thanks in advance…

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