Work in process…

Today was a day filled with practice, six practices in total. A normal day is 3-4. Today, there was zero time to study or play. Good thing my work feels like both. Everyday, whether I’m in books or with people in practice, I’m studying. So, today was filled with learning and laughter – there’s a lot more laughter when studying outside of the library. Practice 13 was magic as Blue Sky started us off and Timmyd finished us off. Who knew this team of 10 could be so widely dispersed and feel so closely connected. Who knew.

Sitting at the airport, changing gears now, I’m mildly depressed. Why do I feel so disconnected from my loved ones just because we’re so widely dispersed? My Mom is in Salina. Sister Mary in Topeka. Sister KA in Colorado. Son Jordan in FLA. Son Andrew in Berlin. Baby girl, Krits, in KC and youngest son, Taylor, at OSU. Nobody’s home but Miss and me. As I look in the mirror, I gotta admit that I’m not very good at staying connected with those whom aren’t proximate. Fact.

I say that family, friends, and clients matter but the truth is that they seemingly only matter if we’re in close proximity or they’re paying me. Why would I take on clients in KC to be close to my Mom and then not go the extra mile to travel down I-70 to see her more than once in a blue moon? You see, friend, we all have integrity gaps. Yikes. That hurts to say but sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it? Today we worked on worldview. A number of teammates gained clarity on their deepest held beliefs. It was good. I gained clarity on some of my integrity gaps. I’ve got more than a few. I’ve got some work to do on staying connected to those I love, especially those that are not proximate to me. Fact.

Today was a good day even though it hurt. Maybe, today was a great day because my behaviors gonna change to more align with my belief. You and I are all works in process. None of us has arrived at perfect alignment between behavior and belief. We’ve all got integrity gaps. Today, a few more of mine became clear. I’ve got work to do. Good.

Yes. Good…

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