The Warden…

We started practice 229 with the Warden telling her story about leaving Choice to pursue her career as a corrections officer. She had been a decent performer and left on good terms. She didn’t last long working for the State. The Warden chose to come back. So glad she did…

Within moments we were caught up in her story as calm, confidence and conviction oozed from her pores. You see, the Warden is in control. This wasn’t always the case. She has grown, really grown, through BTL practice and all kinda work on her own. The Warden had something to prove when she came back from correcting prisoners to freeing people who had become enslaved with debt. She has proven a lot. Good.

Yesterday, we celebrated her story of personal transformation. It’s kinda funny that she left Choice to correct others and when she returned, she was the one that came back, will, corrected. The Warden has gone from being a middle of the pack performer, to the second highest performer in the system, this past month. She hit a milestone that only two others have attained. Her performance goes beyond her numbers, she’s one of the most influential amongst the Choice Consultants. Very cool. The change is simple and hard. The Warden’s attitude, attention, and effort have flipped. Her performance is not stopping here. In fact, her performance is a perfect microcosm of this system. The Choice team has gone through a corrections of sorts. It used to be a place where people collected debt and didn’t like it. It’s become a place where people change lives and love it. Choice is a breeding ground for opus. All kinds of opus. Good…

What kinda correction do you want, friend, to bring to your system (think you) to transform your performance? The Warden freed herself. She’s now freeing all kinda other prisoners. The Warden chose wisely. How ’bout you?

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