Absorb 3.0…

Today was not my best day. Seemed like everywhere I turned there was hurt and more hurt. Home and away, it was filled with pain and nothing seemed to aliveate any of it. So, I looked up and said a few extra prayers and phoned a friend – my girl Krits. Krits used to be daddy’s little girl. She’s now one of my best friends.

Today, I reminded a friend/client that his job at home is simply to absorb. He sat silently and listened with broken heart and hurt all over his face. My words were honest and accurate but how badly I wanted to say something sunny and encouraging. For a brief moment, I wished I hadn’t lost the ability to bullshit. Someday’s I absolutely loathe being a truth teller. Today was one such day.

Day’s like this are when I humbly remember Jeremiah 33:3, as Bono playfully describes it – God’s phone number. God, help me. God, help me. God, help me absorb. God, help me give and take care. God, help me receive. God, help me…



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