Leaders call ’em out…

Healthy, vibrant systems expand. The best grow organically and increase in proportion to their ever expanding capacity. Challenge keeps them reaching beyond the comfort zone and into the far edges just this side of chaos. Systems headed toward extinction contract. The root reason you don’t see the Polynessian people on their island today is because they failed to see the symptoms of slow death until it was too late to reverse the tide. This same root is the reason the fortune 1000, today, is on average less than 40 years old. The reason there is no longer a system called Burroughs, CompuServe, or Worldcom is no different. All of ’em ignored the early warning signals and, like Titanic, slipped from sight suddenly even though the demise was anything but.

So, my friend, when you extrapolate this learning to you and your system remember some history. Do not shoot the messenger. Instead get comfortable with calculus. Healthy, vibrant systems expand. And, when these healthy, vibrant systems experience a hiccup – no biggee. They learn and move on. Hiccups, however, don’t last for years. Healthy, vibrant systems calculate the trend before it’s too late to reverse. They get busy turning well before the iceberg is upon them. Leaders, do not experience a failure of nerve when facing facts. Instead, call ’em out. Call them out. Make sure we course correct. Make sure they course correct. Good…

Leaders, this is your job. You’ve got to read the tea leaves and anticipate the next move before the competition does. Leaders gotta know when to comfort and when to push. Today, we tend to coddle a bit too much. Tough and tender, remember. Tough and tender. Your systems longevity just may depend on your ability to sound the alarm before an iceberg impact is imminent. Your problem, most likely, is you’re too worrried about what others think and about being too extreme. Leaders call ’em out. Funny, I wonder where we would be if Paul Revere rode his horse kinda casually and told people to take care there’s some red coats a coming…

1 thought on “Leaders call ’em out…

  1. I believe the key here is ‘healthy vibrant systems’. I’m about to plant our patio garden today. Each year, it’s different. Each year we learn. The key is the type of plants and the care needed. This year we have decided to plant herbs and flowers that flourish in this climate in full sun, and require less maintenance. In the past we’ve forced plants that didn’t belong hoping they would work out because we thought it would be neat. They never do. We’ve axed some of the vegetables that attract beetles, and replaced with herbs and flowers that attract butterflies. Instead of forcing something, we are adapting from experience. It’s funny how this exercise of planting a garden is a glaring metaphor for life and business and team. A healthy vibrant system will flourish.

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