Good and awkward…

Today, during practice 12, we worked on building personal trust and learning to trust our teammates. There was plenty of “awkward silence,” according to a few practice participants. Funny, it wasn’t awkward at all to me. Having been through this drill a few hundred times, I’ve come to understand that awkward silence is not the enemy or something to quickly eliminate. So, I sat and made eye contact until one soul decided to share.

Once the lion roared, it did not take long for the pride to open up. Facts and feelings were revealed. A few shared stuff that had been bottled up, well, forever. They didn’t express in words how it felt, but their faces sure did. It always feel good when we come clean and let others see what’s been in here all along.

Today, we rinsed a bit of our CORE as we spoke and listened to teammates regarding our worldview – our deepest held beliefs. It was good and awkward. I’ve come to believe you can’t rush trust. And, you’ve got to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, awkward silence that is part and parcel to opening the kimono. Today, a few let us inside and it was good. I’m glad I’ve learned not to fill empty air with noise. I’m happy I’ve learned to trust the process, smile, and embrace the silence. Today’s practice was good and awkward.


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