Choose better 2.0…

Today, in the 3PP moments ago, we worked our core because we have the freedom to choose. We chose to put ourselves in some acute pain because we believe, in the long run, it’s good for us. We enjoy the freedom to exercise however we choose. Lincoln was right when he said to test a man give him power. Most American’s have been given the power to run our lives however we feel fit. Most of us can’t handle it. This is the big “why” behind our obesity epidemic.

Since 1965 the average American male has gained an inch in height from five foot nine to five foot ten. On average we’ve gone from 165 lbs dripping wet to 195 lbs sitting still. We can’t handle the power. Give us technology, take us off the farm, provide us entertainment in the palm of our hands, and watch what we decide to do. Seems we mostly choose to sit.

Today, read a little history and understand a bit more about your hard earned freedoms. The book titled Undaunted Courage tells the story of Lewis & Clark and their trek out west. As you read about their journey, don’t miss the magic from their Indian guide, Sacagawea who calmed the men as the boat floods and all appears lost. As you read about her calm during her MOT, don’t miss that she had her newborn baby strapped to her back. She didn’t complain, freak, or just sit there. She calmed the men while saving many a manuscript so you and I, today, can enjoy reading them. And, remember, Sacagawea didn’t have the freedom or power to choose.

You choose. Your choices have consequence. Choose better. Good…

3 thoughts on “Choose better 2.0…

  1. Choosing who we “hang” with helps encourage and make better choices too. Together we are stronger.

  2. Hey Chet, thanks. I also learned a few years ago that, in addition to gaining those 30 on and around our guts and butts, our houses are 60% larger than they were in 1970, with an average of only 2.3 people in them now compared with 3.4 back then. Meanwhile the away-from-home storage business has been one of the fastest-growing industries, with an average of 400 square feet of extra space now available for every man, woman, and child in the country to stow all the extra stuff we have. Yet depression rates have also soared, drug use is a pandemic, and trust in each other has declined from 65% to under 30% since 1960. I think it was Clive who said “Modern man has too little to live for and too much to live with.” Here’s another: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” –John Dalberg-Acton. We can’t handle it.

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