You cannot version 2.0…

You cannot lead another further than you’ve gone yourself.

I wrote that thought in both the 12 and 8 playbooks, on purpose – I believe it. I believe it’s another law of nature. Here’s why. In the animal world the leader is “elected” based on strength. They remain the leader as long as they are able to prove they are stronger than their challengers. Nature rules. Nature, eventually, rules in our world too.

A high performance team will not last long working for a weak leader. A team of committed learners will not last long following someone who has decided they know it all. A team of inspired, young enterprisers will not last long working for an old settler. A team of outstanding lawyers will not last long working for a Managing Partner that’s satisfied being mediocre. A team of devoted scientists will not last long working for someone who has stopped being curious. A team of decision makers will not last long working for someone who can’t make one. A team of  committed believers will not last long worshipping with a leader who has stopped becoming a master teacher.

Many of you are thinking there is a flaw in my thinking. You are thinking up examples of exceptions to this natural law. You would be right. There are always exceptions. Over time, however, nature prevails. The more money at stake and the more fear in the people, the longer the “reordering” may take. Leaders, stop arguing the validity of the sentence and start becoming a better leader. Your team won’t last long following a leader who’s stopped learning.

You cannot lead another further than you’ve gone yourself. Your leadership challenge is to keep reaching, keep going, keep stretching, and keep getting after it long after you’ve arrived. Your team, leader, is getting better. Your team wants to know you’re still in it like you were back in your younger, hungrier days. Your team is always watching and next to nothing gets by ’em when it comes to you. Funny how human nature loves to fixate on those that lead us. Funny, huh.

How you doing, leader? How you doing? Good…

1 thought on “You cannot version 2.0…

  1. Last week I realized a few very important things. One is that I have naturally created a team of believers. Two is that I’m starting to attract some of the most high performance individuals in my industry, who are attracted because they believe. They could work anywhere in the country for more money with established companies….so why me, why us? My builder has been talking about tea leaves. I’m still in the very beginning of my journey with BTL, so take my own reading of the tea leaves with a grain of salt. I think they see an leader emerging, and a company with incredible promise. After all, nature is the ultimate truth teller. They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t. With great leadership comes great responsibility. That’s why I’m here doing the work with my coach at BTL. I’m writing a vision for my company right now. A theme in my vision is, never settle, always grow, always innovate, always get better, and do better. I am and will do the same. There is gravity in leadership.

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