Feedback, The Hype, and you too…

This team was formed in 1976 and their first identity was feedback. Next came the hype. In 1978 they got their big break at a talent show in Limerick. And in 1978 they changed their name for the last time even though they seem to be constantly creating a new identity. This teams name? You’ve probably never heard their first names – Feedback and then The Hype. Today, you simply know them as the band named after a spy plane…


U2 has been creating new sounds for 41 years and they’re not done yet. U2 has regularly, routinely evolved a new expression. They’ve gotten comfortable with the confusion that comes anytime a band, team, or company decides to create the next expression of who they are. Few bands evolve. Few teams and few companies change before they have to. Few.

This is why most companies simply stick to their knitting, so to speak. Sticking to what you know is alright for awhile. Eventually, however, market forces are gonna change. Those simply sticking to what got them here suddenly feel stuck in a moment they can’t escape. Lead anything and you’re either gonna evolve or go extinct. The best time to evolve is when you decide it’s time; not when the market dictates. Extrapolate to you and your team, my friends. U2 gotta evolve. You too. Good…

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