Red pill, please…

Today, during practice faux in Chitown, we watched Neo take the red pill and heard some hard truth about what’s killing us. Back in the day, we mostly died from stuff that infected us from “out there.” We caught bugs, diseases, and other things from the elements, if you will. Today, we have science to thank for saving us from stuff like that.

Today, we mostly die from not knowing how to deal with stuff inside us, in here, if you will. We mostly die from chronic stress. We infect our bodies with our inability to change our thinking. We’ve become hyper stressed instead of acutely stressed. Hyper stress, that kills, is too much of the same chronic stressor that, overtime, destroys our immune system. The truth to eliminating the chronic stressor in your mind is to embrace a more acute stressor additionally. Embrace the suck that comes when you change your mind from the routine stressors, friend. Today, we embraced some of this as we began to dream and do instead of simply continuing the chronic stressor of do, do, and do some mo.

Take the red pill friend. It’s only gonna get worse for awhile. Good…

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