A linear succession of musical tones…

The real reason we love labels is because they represent “a thousand little nuances” that are so much easier to identify and apply then “finding the melody line.” I know, I know, this is BTL language. I’ll attempt to briefly translate.

We frequently are asked how the discovery of CORE principles and purposes is practically applied. Which comes first? Are they related? What if you don’t like some of what you discover? How does understanding your Meyers Briggs, Strengthfinder, Kolbe, Explanatory style, Grit score, and other assessments factor in? How will you know if you’re playing to strengths and living consistent with my CORE? These are great questions.

At BTL we challenge our family, friends, and clients to find their melody line first and then apply a thousand little nuances and then a thousand more. Most people do the opposite. Most work on understanding their labels because it’s easier. They listen to the “voice of the customer,” the “voice of authority,” or the “voice of their family.” Nothing wrong with hearing from other voices. However, when it comes to a life of mastery, you gotta become the most influential voice for, well, you. Masters know who they are, why they’re here, where they’re headed, and how they’re gonna get from here to there. They have found their voice, first, and next apply a thousand little nuances to keep building it ever clearer. Do not mix the order. Melody line first. A thousand nuances and then a thousand more. Good. When you don’t do the hard work within first, you end up on the do do trail instead of the more desirable one – dream and do. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Thoreau had something to say about mixing the order. Check it out…

“These people have become like machines, their sole purpose on making a living. This mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and die with their song still inside of them. ”

A melody line, by definition, is “A linear succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity.” Find your melody line, friend. Become a single entity, whole, perceived as comfortable, convicted, and confident, because, well, you are becoming exactly that. Like Brett, this early am in practice 197 with his team, you will calmly answer the unanswerable without so much as breaking stride. The team will connect exactly as you drew it up. FM, baby.

Find your melody line, friend. Kinda like gravity, we’ll be drawn in as if by some magical force. Good…

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