Well done, good work, nice going…

Today, during practice 34 with a team learning to talk honestly, I was mesmerized as I listened to one of the leaders share his situation. The only feedback this leader’s been hearing is “fix this, solve that, do this, and change this while you’re at it.” He shared he wasn’t gonna last long before he grew tired of this refrain being repeated over and over and over again. This leader was feeling a bit like Sisyphus back in Greek mythology – doomed to push a rock up a hill, watch it roll back down, only to struggle pushing it up over and over and over again.

Dan Ariely, in his book titled Predictably Irrational describes this as a frequent condition in the modern world of work. We leaders overvalue cash rewards given to our teammates and undervalue what really gets ’em going – a good word from the man/woman up above, the boss. So, leader, remember to catch your leaders, individual contributors, family, and friends doing something right, something good, something meaningful, and something mundane even, and shoot them a good word from your heart. A good word.

Well done. Good work. Nice going. FM, baby.

Whether you pay attention to ancient stories or modern science, they’re both gonna tell you the same truth. Your team needs your acknowledgement, leader. Your team needs to know that you see them. Your team needs a good word from you. I mean come on man, the latest science even shows the good word can be as simple as a text or tweet. You got time for that, right? Of course you do, you texting machine. So leader, surprise your front line with some short, sweet text from you when they least expect it – when you caught them doing something right, good, meaningful, or mundane. Text ’em.

Well done. Good work. Nice going. Good…

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