Find your edge…

Today, I reminded a team there’s a fine line between finding the edge and finding yourself on the ledge. Actually, my friend Brian helped me find this phrase. Thank you, Brian. So, what’s this mean? Let me attempt to be brief.

Excellence is all about finding your edge. The elite live on the edge and get comfortable there. You see, they’ve come to understand that performance gains come when outside the comfort zone, and on the edge of the challenge zone. This edge feels like it’s just this side of the panic zone, well, ’cause it is. The panic zone is the ledge. When you find yourself feeling like you’re out on the ledge eliminate the “l.” The l, in this case, feels like loss – namely, a loss of control. For most humans, we underestimate our capacity and overly catastophize the challenge. Flow is found with just the right combination of challenge and capacity, remember. So, friend, find your edge.

Find your edge. Get off the ledge.

Remember, anytime you’re playing on the bleeding edge with regard to anything, you’re gonna have moments where it feels like you’re bleeding out and your back end’s hanging out over the ledge. Breathe. Pull back a bit. Take back some semblance of control. Eliminate the catastrophic loss from your mind. Calm yourself down. Good.

Now that you’re good, friend, how ’bout you and I get back out there. Let me help you find your edge. Good…

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