Keep the right secrets…

Tonight during practice 50 with a team of OSU grapplers, I was blown away by the crazy amount of trust in the room. We had Olympians from here and abroad. We had new recruits and old alumni. Nobody seemed to care. Men gathered in their grappler singlets and leaned in to more discovery. It was freakin’ magic.

We finished with Tervel sharing his heart and soul. I mean this mountain of a man has no filter, no mask, no fear. I felt kinda like I was in the presence of freakin’ magic, ’cause I was. Tervel modeled transparency. Tervel answered every question of mine with words from his heart that ripped open the young grapplers down to their roots. He kept the right secrets. Tervel told his team all the stuff that most leaders try to hide. Tervel came clean about his back pain and how he’s dealing with more distraction than discipline. The place was like a sanctuary. I kept asking and he kept dealing. No fear. Just truth. Nothing to hide.

So, leader, take a cue from Tervel and this team of thoughtful grapplers. When you do something virtuous, glorious, worth noting, and above and beyond the call of duty, let it accumulate inside of you – say nothing. Let it sit. When you do something less than heroic, screw up, and make a mess of things, let it out – broadcast the hell out of it. You’ll get better as a result of both. The good will accrue. The bad will be blown away. Good. You see, for so many, the problem is we’re keeping the wrong secrets. We try to hide when we break bad, and we broadcast when something seemingly breaks our way. We rid ourselves of the good stuff and let the rot accumulate in our craw. Not good.

Reverse the equation, friend. Keep the right secrets. Good…

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