Practice 199 & 233…

Today, my day was bookended with a couple beautiful clients. We started the day with practice 199 with Kaufman Development. Grappy came and shredded the team of 28 with his story of unchosen suffering. The team connected and you could feel the sense of community build in the room. We looked back at when he had last been here. It was back at practice 132 in April, 2015. Time flies as we reflected back to where this team was and how far it’s come. So good.

Three great practices later, we put the final touches on a day of opus. Practice 233 with Choice Recovery was, well, another time of freakin’ magic community building with Durp and his team that makes no sense. Hopper went dark, jmo went darker, Keisha went worldview, Ari went legal, Cali went early, and it all went right where it was meant to go. As always, Durp and I talked on the way home and, of course, in our mind it went well.

Talk about distinct and deeply connected, these two teams are not normal and know it. Brett and Durp are making their mark and I’m so privileged to be with them and play a role in what they and their teams are building. What a great investment by me and them.

I’m tired as I sit down to collect my thoughts over a glass of Chardonnay while listening to my Eddie Vedder playlist. Small group is at our house in less than 90 minutes and we’ll practice building community where we live. Another day invested in those I love, doing what I love. Blessed. So, leader, don’t miss this. When you’re 90 you’ll mostly forget the titles, promotions, and positions of prominence you once went headlong after. You will remember those you went with, those you served, and those worth getting tired together. Invest more in your communities, friend. Invest more here, where it makes no cents but makes perfect sense to you. Good…

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