The most beautiful system in the world…

Today, during team practice with a team of two becoming one, we took some time to look back at our last year of building and see how much we’ve grown. Teammate one shared that teammate two has corralled him more than any other human in history. This has, in fact, made the system much healthier. Keep this up. Keep seeing each other as peers, I challenged this unequal partnership of two. We are all humans even if our titles are presidents, owners, dweebs, controllers, or countless other titles. It’s predictably irrational to assume you can’t influence the human above you in rank. Predictably irrational, friend ’cause we all know the truth is you can. You just have to learn how to do it. You have to learn how to influence those below, around, and above. Fact.

You have to learn how to do everything, remember.

I challenged both to write something they’ve  learned in BTL practice and applied in work/life. It’s 8:49. Teammate two shared he’s better at influencing people in writing vs speaking. Teammate one said he’s always had a team but it’s never been a BTL team. He’s been the boss, he shared, and created blind followers – they complied. For the first time, he’s allowed a teammate to corral him. Teammate one shared, “There is a beauty and brilliance in systems.” This was a huge declaration. You see, this teammate never liked systems and always ran by the seat of his pants, leaving bodies in his very large wake. He’s allowed teammate two to get through to him and learn to appreciate systems (the real strength of his partner). Another great practice this morning.

We ended this beauty with me asking them to tell me about the most beautiful system in the world. They both looked at me puzzled and grew silent. Finally, teammate two broke the silence – “Apple’s internal system,” he blurted out with confidence. You see, this teammate loves systems, process, control, and is enamored with how Apple seems to do it all, well, beautifully. “Not even close,” I boldly proclaimed. The most beautiful system in the world is you. No joke. You are the most beautiful system in the world. You, your neighbor, boss, brother, enemy, coworker, partner, client, and teammate.

So, friend, keep this in mind. You don’t serve meaningless men and women. You serve the most beautiful systems in the world – human beings. Keep learning, friend. Keep learning. Good.

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