Master to slave…

Here we are, together, online. We have easy access to information unprecedented in history. We don’t go to libraries and read books, we go online and consume articles – all kinda articles. Some feed our brain. Some destroy it. We know almost everything about our organs – the exception is the brain. According to modern neuroscience, we know about ten percent of what we believe there is to know about our brain. There it is again – science and belief together.

Only recently have scientists begun to believe our brains are elastic, meaning you can literally change your hard wiring. It wasn’t that awful long ago we believed intelligence was fixed. You were either born smart or not so smart. We now know neurons that “fire together, wire together.” If you want to learn something, put in the hours mastering the movement until you hardwire the new neural network. This is great news for those of us who aren’t afraid of putting in the hours toward our labor of love, our opus. Mastery is not limited to the gifted, the few, or only the fortunate. Mastery, it turns out, is more about doing the work, putting in the hours, practice, practice, and more practice. Fire and wire.

However, there is a dark side to brain plasticity. Neurons do not have a moral code. Neurons are neutral. So, if you feed your brain negative thoughts about a particular person or person group in general, your brain will learn to hardwire a negative mental model. You will get better, if you will, at believing the worst. Study prosecuting attorney’s and you will see why they lead the way in drug addiction, divorce, depression, and even suicide. They have negative neural networks that make them masters in the courtroom; at home, not so much.

Now for the darkest of the dark – porn. According to Dr. Doidge, author of the book titled The Brain that Heals Itself, “Porn viewers develop new maps in their brains, based on the photos and videos they see. Because it is a use it or lose it brain, when we develop a map area, we long to keep it activated. Porn hyper activates appetitive pleasure not the consummatory one.” Translation. Looking at porn creates an almost endless desire for something that won’t satisfy. According to Doidge most of his patients crave porn but paradoxically don’t like it. Since the brain is re-wiring its appetitive pleasure, those participating in porn are like the rat pressing the bar for more and never getting enough. Do not become a master at this practice. Historically there was the shame of the person at the “check out counter” to slow the would be porn addict. There was, historically, faith and family who taught the moral code or at a minimum preached impulse control. Today, the media and mainstream culture says there’s nothing wrong with it, who is it hurting, and if some pleasure is good why not experience more, more, more. I mean come on man, it’s your natural impulse, isn’t it?

What do you believe?

Neurons are neutral, friend. Ones that fire together wire together. Please understand this is fact. Build your CORE. Challenge your beliefs. Develop the discipline of delaying gratification. In the end, it is much more satisfying. And, if you’re a parent of young ones, prepare yourself for adding this topic to “the talk.” Don’t believe me, trust modern science. There is a problem with porn and it’s reaching epidemic proportion with our young people. Sad. True. Open your eyes, friend.

Sadly, when your brain becomes a master at porn it will soon become it’s slave. Fact, I believe. What do you believe about your brain on porn, friend?

2 thoughts on “Master to slave…

  1. The book is awesome and covers so much more than the brain and porn. But while you’re on it, it also discusses how video and the indulgence of our brain activity can actually replace the reality of sexual pleasure and connection. Our brains can develop so real physical contact can’t satisfy the illusion in our brain.

  2. Thanks, Laura, for your “and.” I’m rereading the book and, as always, amazed how much more I’m grabbing onto than the first go through. Funny what the brain notices, huh…

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