Not even close…

Yoda knew this when he instructed his young student, Luke, that there is no try. Do or do not, he had concluded.

Last week, during team practice I asked a high performer if he was working at capacity. He looked me in the eyes and proclaimed he was. I asked again. He looked beneath my gaze, choked slightly with unexplained emotion, and managed to say that he was. I asked again. By now, many in the beautiful conference room sensed I had crossed some invisible line, gone too far, and was being some kinda jerk. I waited for his response, anyway. Again, as if preprogrammed out came the same words, “I am.” He wants to believe he is.

The truth is he’s not. Not even close.

You see, the more we study elite performance the more convinced we are that the key to raising your game is in your mind. If you want to continue to grow, friend, get comfortable telling yourself you are improving but you’re not at capacity. Eliminate the idea and the word can’t. You see, can’t is a four letter word. Do or do not. Remember this mindset. Embrace it. Whatever is your aim, you can do more than you think. Study CI (constraint – induced therapy) and you’ll be blown away by stroke and brain tumor recovery story after story. The patients are made to do what they can by undergoing 3X therapy day after grueling day. The gains are painstakingly small, but they’re there. Over time and repetitively doing, doing, and doing some more, the patients reclaim lost movements in “learned nonuse” limbs. Yes, another gem of learning from my latest reread of the book titled The Brain That Changes Itself. 

Do not believe you’ve reached your limit, friend. Challenge yourself out of belief. Allow other believers to challenge you too. Don’t be offended by their unwillingness to let you settle. Instead, dream and do. The more you love the aim, the more likely you’ll embrace the effort. Good.

As regards your capacity, friend? Not even close…

1 thought on “Not even close…

  1. I’ve started doing some really crazy work with my team in challenging them everyday on everything they do. At times I’m not sure I’m challenging them correctly, and sometimes I don’t get the results I aim for, and at times I worry that I’m pushing them too far too fast. Each day though, I strive to get better and improve. I’m doing it, and I’m not giving up. Am I working at capacity? Not yet. While the idea of this work is to grow them into distinctively strong individuals that are deeply connected who align with my vision…it’s probably strengthening me more. The weight of this type of guidance is the ultimate challenge. I’ve got to really dig deep and choose my words and ideas wisely to make sure I don’t lead someone down the wrong path, or compromise my vision and beliefs. Each morning I review my work to analyze where I can grow and where they can grow. The weight of their trust is actually pushing me farther than I could’ve imagined. I’m improving, but I’m not at capacity and neither is my team…and that’s ok because we are on our way. We are better than yesterday. I keep reminding myself that….Mastery is painful AND possible.

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