Larry’s last ride…

Today, at 8:08 this morning, fifteen riders headed north from downtown Powell to honor our friend, Larry Allen (LA). We stopped on the Mink Street bridge for the ceremonial photo and to tell LA stories. Dan started us off, George kept the memories flowing, downer told a few tales, Littlest Fricker did as well. I reminded the group of my earliest memories on the bike with LA and how this route we were currently on was, in fact, his last ride back in 2008. Larry and I had just discovered this route out to Magnetic Springs and were certain it would become a regular loop for years to come. We had no idea he would be called home the next day.

Enjoy your Memorial Day, friend. Take some time and reflect back on those who’ve come before, served, and given the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy country roads, beautiful bikes, and the community that comes when you stumble upon “white roads” with your fellas. Larry’s last ride was a thing of beauty. Thanks to all of you who came out to pay tribute to our Great, big, friend. Freakin’ M took us back with his best booming voice impression of LA. I’m certain, quite certain, he heard us.

We will see you later, Larry. We will see you later…

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