Work in process…

Four years ago, a client of mine, turned me on to the the app Seconds Pro. This app is like having a fitness trainer imbedded in your ipad. All you gotta do is use your imagination and program in the exercises you want the seconds pro trainer to make you do in the manana. Go to bed. Sleep well.

In the morning you don’t have to think. The seconds pro tells you what to do and how long to do it. You simply do what you can. After four years of use, we now have a catalog of 409 different workouts to kick our butts when we’re too tired to kick ’em ourselves. So, just for giggles, today we went all the way back to seconds pro workout number 1. We all thought it would be so much easier, since back in the day we hadn’t discovered kettlebells or heavy balls. I’m writing this rant with my limbs shaking, evidence nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that all these workouts have been designed to produce fails, not failures. You see, embracing fails is the way forward, the way to level up, if you will. None of us makes progress without pushing beyond the challenge zone and admitting  we failed. Last week I failed with Tay, Miss, and many more I’m certain. Learning to admit my bad and face my fail is the only way to better relationships, bodies, minds, and spirits. We all fail forward, friend. Fact.

So, enjoy this week. Push yourself to increase capacity. Do not buy the lie that you’ve arrived and are playing at your peak. You’re meant to push all the way to the grave. Keep working. Keep reaching. Keep loving. Keep repairing. Keep resting and restoring. Keep falling. Keep failing. You, friend, are not a failure. You, friend, as long as you’re still getting up and getting after, are a W.I.P! A work in process.

Now if I can just figure out how to program rest into the app. A work in process, I suppose. A work in process. Good…

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