So, yesterday was a beautiful day. Even though most of it was spent in a car flying across I-70, it was kairos. The highlight had to be our dinner stop. Normally, on road trips like this, I’ve got the destination in mind and stops are limited to potty breaks and fast food drive by’s. I can’t stand fast food, but trips like this are the time for it.

Yesterday, however, wasn’t the time.

You see, yesterday, when we pulled off I-70 and made our way through St. Louis traffic, my heart began to race with anticipation. Tay and I were headed to Katie’s Pizza and Pasta, which isn’t just really good food, it’s food made by a self taught artisan whose overcome much more in her brief time here than not being culinarily certified. Lets just say she’s seen more than most in her first 35 years, a lot more. According to Katie, everything changed when she admitted three little words to herself and to her helper – “I need help.”

I. Need. Help.

Arguably the hardest three words for humanity ’cause they require sincere humility. Katie surrendered. In that moment her life began to turn. And what a turn it has taken. Today, she’s owner of one of the best Italian restaurants in STL and my new favorite. Her food is beautiful and delicious. The feast we had last night reminded me of one of our trips to Europe where you didn’t want the experience to end. It wasn’t just a meal, it was kairos around a table. So, last night, Tay and I met Katie and David Deck (STL BTL Builder extraordinaire) and shared stories, laughs, and lots and lots of love. You see, Katie’s team had just experienced BTL team practice ONE, earlier in the day. I guess you could say our visit was timely, huh. Maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be. Kairos moments, are they planned or do they sometimes just need time, so to speak, to happen?

Maybe it’s not about the hurry and the rush to get there. Maybe, just maybe, it’s about the stops along the way. Maybe we all might benefit from slowing down and taking it in today. Maybe, kinda like Katie, we gotta admit to ourselves that we need help, reach out a hand, grit our teeth, and dig in for the fight of our life – the fight for our life, a life worth living. Last night was love at first bite.

Thank you, Katie, for fighting for yours. You are so worth it. You too, friend. You too…

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