Humility helps us see…

Great leaders build themselves and their team strong and ever stronger. They understand only the strong survive. And, these same strong ones build humility. They see the seeds of pride, arrogance, and outa control hubris before the world does. These leaders fall to their knees and look up gratefully, thankfully, and most importantly, humbly for perspective. Look at history, you’ll see. For instance, George Washington was twice offered dictatorial powers in America’s infancy. He declined both times. His practice of humility saved our nation from simply going from one King George to another. In January 1800, a month after GW’s death, Henry Holcombe paid tribute to Washington in a sermon that became known throughout the land, according to David Bobb in his book simply titled, Humility. “His boldness and magnanimity,” Holcombe said, were “equaled by nothing but his modesty and humility.”

Build strength, my leader. And, bookend your strength with deep seated humility. Strength and humility, please. This is why at BTL we have building humility as the second essential immediately following building your strong CORE. You cannot build humility alone. You, leader, are gonna need a truth teller whose not afraid to hit you with hard truth. You’re gonna have to be stronger enough to let it in without shutting ’em down. You see, all of us have blind spots. We all need a few truth tellers to “adjust our mirror’s,” so to speak. Remember, your car doesn’t have a blind spot. Fact. Your car, kinda like you, simply has to adjust it’s mirrors to illuminate what is in fact right next to it. Adjust your mirrors, lead. Ask a trusted truth teller to tell you more. Humility helps us see. Go on. Ask. You’ll see.


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