938 days…

Recently, a client of mine made a commitment. He’s having a hard time seeing himself in an unequal partnership forever. He’s in one now and needs help with perspective. Here’s how our practice unfolded. I asked him how far into the future he could easily imagine himself happily contributing in this high performing, healthy system. He didn’t take long to respond – “2020.” Good.

We wrote a proclamation so his brain could see this declaration in black and white.  All of our brains like crystal clarity when it comes to commitment. The more your brain can see what you’re thinking with 20/20 clarity, the less it has to think. This is good. Your brain, remember, is the biggest energy user in your body. If you want to perform your best in the most important moments, you’ve got to get to the point where you don’t have to think before you act. FM, baby.

20/20 clarity is great for your eyes. Got it. 20/20 clarity is freakin’ magic for your brain. You see, 2020 is only 938 days away. The systems that are gonna arrive at the next decade  ready to dominate, are the ones with clarity today. Do you, leader, have 20/20 clarity with regard to your overarching vision? Do you, leader, have 20/20 clarity on your current value proposition and how you see it migrating over the next 938 days? Do you, leader, have 20/20 clarity with regard to your unifying strategies that are gonna take you and your team from where you are today toward your dream state in 2020?

We’ve got 938 days till 2020. I know what I’ll be doing, if I’m alive. Crystal clear. I can see it. Remember, it’s hard to be what you can’t see. 2020 coming soon. Good….

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