Guard your attention…

Recently, while grinding on the golf course this weekend, it hit me how easily I had lost my focus. My friend and I were playing in a tournament and the round of golf was taking twice as long as normal. I hit some of the most hideous shots of my life and lost focus along the way. I got distracted. I let my mind wander aimlessly and my swing thoughts followed suite. Funny, when we got into the “horse race” at the end of the tournament, both our minds got right because there was a crowd around to keep us focused. Here’s the reminder, friend. Attention matter. Fact.

Guard your attention.

Build your CORE. Author OPUS and settle in to your PA to pop it out. Focus here. Build your social intelligence faster than you build your social network. Build your ability to read the face more than you read facebook. Build your ability to recognize the sharks in your office more than you talk office politics. Build your ability to charm and disarm difficult people more than you get recommendations on Linked In. Build your ability to find and deeply connect with your few, more than you try to increase the numbers of folks following you.

Guard your attention.

Guard your schedule, your in-box, your texts, your tweets, and your time. Give your attention to people and ideas that, like a good neighbor, are insightful and useful to your OPUS. The world is distracted and getting moreso all the time. This morning, as Krit and I grabbed our Kaldi’s coffee, I noticed three drinks sitting at the pickup area that had been there awhile. When the barista called out my order, I casually asked him if somebody had forgotten their order. “Happens all the time,” was his reflexive response. “People get talking and walk out without the caffeine they came in for,” he continued. Not to be left out of the conversation, his coworker told me that just yesterday somebody ordered an iced coffee but walked out with another patrons “extra hot” latte. If we’re this distracted with our hunt for caffeine, imagine how distracted we are with other chores and colleagues? Not good.

Guard your attention.

Mastery, remember is a long and arduous climb that requires your attention and only a few alongside. Masters eliminate noise and distraction so they can focus on their craft and embrace the climb. Golfers do as well. Not easy in this very noisy world getting noisier.

Masters guard their attention. Are you?

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