You wouldn’t practice golf if you never planned to actually play, would you? What would be the point? And, you wouldn’t simply walk to the first tee, put a peg in the ground, and start swinging, would you? Talk about a recipe for futility and frustration. You would have to be nuts, to do either one, right?

Masters practice because they love to perform and want to perform better. Masters don’t cram at the last minute. They practice the most on their own because, again, they love what they’re mastering and understand their instructor/teacher/builder is there to teach them what to practice and show them how to do it. The builder, however, makes it clear that the student must decide to do the work. The student is the athlete, remember. Most athletes make incremental gains while marrying the mundane and doing it while alone. Fact.

Today, in practice 31 with a team studying how to become better, we were given some good instruction by the teacher and fellow students of the way. It’s up to each of us to decide what to do with our learning. Remember, you don’t get better by absorbing mere knowledge. You get better by doing. You get better by deciding to play with your learning, instead of ruminating and ruminating some more. Nothing wrong with thinking about it, don’t get me wrong. We just tend to do so for far too long. We avoid doing the hard things  first and repeatedly. Masters understand this default mindset and lean against it. It’s not that hard, it’s just a little bit harder than doing what comes naturally and being ruled by your impulses. Masters delay gratification in the moment so they can more deeply experience it, in their MOT (moment of truth). So good when you see this, isn’t it?

More practice, please, masters in training. More practice with your BTL buddy and by your lonesome. More practice as a matter of habit. More practice because you have a passion for performing. More practice because you’ve bought in to the process. More practice. More practice doing the most important, hard things that are gonna move your production. More practice to make you a domain specific master, right?

Masters practice more. What about you?

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