Marginless is Fatigue – MARGIN is ENERGY

Complaints I hear often, By Friday I’m burned out! I’m on a treadmill of exhaustion! Never enough time to finish my work, I’m constantly trying to catch up, little time for me! I simply have NO MARGIN IN MY LIFE!

Look at our culture, having No Margin is the game! We wear long exhausting days and weeks like a badge of courage, all the while families are suffering, our health is being destroyed and the abuse of medications, alcohol consumption and drug additions are spiralling out of control.

In the past quarter I have had the opportunity to travel on business to some beautiful resort areas and the one thing that always is puzzling to me is the number of vacation homes that are stocked full of boats, jet skis, beautiful docks with elaborate eating areas and no one enjoying them. I inquire as to why and I get the same answers, “Hey Man, they’re home making the Big Bucks! No time for play! Next weekend for sure!” What are we doing? What is all this for? What happened to well being, re-energizing, developing margin in our lives, in our schedules for family, for friends, memorable vacations or simply time for us.

Margin is the space between your load and your limit. Your load should never be heavier than your limit. I see a lot of folks carrying way more than their limit!

Part of the BTL Process is our 12 Essentials of Personal Excellence and in that process we encourage all of our clients to adopt the 20-40-60 Discipline, which is the formula for creating the Keystone Habit that will help create the margin you need for what is truly important in your life……your well being!

20 Minutes of Reflection, time for you to think, be alone, decompress, breathe and to recognize 2 or 3 things you can be grateful for and write them down.

40 Minutes of Good Reading, developing your mind, creating perspective, learning, growing, developing your vocabulary, and reading outside your discipline.

60 Minutes of Exercise, walking in your local park (My wife and I do this at least 5 times per week, married 42 years, seems to be helping)! Find a local gym, a partner to workout with, try yoga or running, give yourself the gift of good health, exercise. I would highly recommend the following book as an additional resource on gaining Margin and re-energizing!

Margin by Dr. Richard A. Swenson

2 thoughts on “Marginless is Fatigue – MARGIN is ENERGY

  1. This really spoke to me; mainly the wording in the title got me! I have written the words I need ” margins” and “White spaces” in my life in 2017, along with the words “refreshed energy” a year of “simpLESSity” . I LOVE how God speaks to us individually through other’s words and experiences!
    Victoria M.

  2. Thank you for your comment and the insights you have offered! You have given the Discussion of “White Spaces” margin some real reflection and your words reflect those insights !

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