Timmyd and team…

Yesterday, Timmyd blew FD and me away. We watched him work some serious magic during practice 15 with his team of believers becoming one.  Forty one minutes into practice, I knew where we were gonna finish. Yes, sometimes it takes awhile, but it comes eventually to those who wait. So, clarity arrived in the forty first minute and feedback started heading to the man I’ve renamed “turtle” about five minutes later. You see, this team practiced giving turtle what all of us leaders really need – feedback.

The kind that makes us better often makes us uncomfortable, first. Kinda like turtle, as you wait for the good stuff that can cause you some growth, it’s gonna feel like, as he said, you’re waiting for the firing squad to pull the trigger. Reality couldn’t be further from this feeling. Fact. Feedback, leader, is the breakfast of champions even when it feels like facing a firing squad. Stop running like Neo every time an agent enters your twenty square feet, my fearfilled leader. You aint getting better avoiding the hard truth regarding your leadership. You and I get better when we get a bowl full of feedback and decide what to digest and what to forget. You gotta get it, first, however. Most of us simply run.

Not good.

Yesterday, turtle, couldn’t retreat to the comfortable confines of his shell. He stuck his neck out and let it in. He received some feedback he could use. Up to him, now, what to do with it. Yesterday was magic, however, not because turtle got hit. Yesterday was magic, ’cause Timmyd inserted himself in just the right way. Timmyd let his teammates figure it out for most of our time together. He sat back, let others play, and did not dominate. He led quietly. And, when the moment was right, he inserted himself and made everybody better because of it. He never asked us to notice he was on his “A game.” He simply led. We could use a few more leaders around Lockton and every other system that are willing to humbly lay low and let others shine. And, when the moment of truth arrives, these same leaders, like Timmyd, simply stand and deliver. Good work, yesterday, Mike, Blue Sky, Mark, Turtle, Lisa, Henry, Crystal, and Timmyd. To FD and me you sure appear to be becoming ONE, distinct, deeply connected and BTL.


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