Shoot, or not so much…

Most leadership development misses the mark. The emphasis, you see, is misplaced. The focus is almost always around organizational issues. Empathy and sensitivy are emphasized as corporate leaders learn how to “feel” for those with whom they work. Leaders, however, do not focus on feelings, first. Leaders focus first on discipline; namely, their own. They understand their biggest threats are always from other selves who lack the ability or the will to self regulate. Fact. Dealing with this real problem is painful. Few, face it head on.

Real leaders understand you can’t focus on getting the right people in the right seat on the bus until you’ve shot the wrong people out the emergency exit, first. Harsh. Hard. Reality. Everyday, including today, I see leaders who lack the “shoot in their eye” to harness their “Hoss,” if you will. Yes, I’m referring to Hoss the ruffian that a young Andrew Jackson corralled so many moons ago by simply giving him the look. You see, Andrew understood he had to meet Hoss’s unreasonableness with more unreasonableness of his own. Fact.

Leaders develop when they model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and slowly begin to embody truth in LOVE. Leaders development is defined by acute pain, and by the leaders ability to increase their threshold for such pain. You will know you are a leader when the storm that used to send you into a tizzy, now is met with a rye smile as you settle in for another kairos moment you kinda feel like you were made for. Calmly, you stand, the storm passes and you and your team move on. Good.

Leaders are built to lead, mostly, through their toughest tests. Sadly, many of the toughest tests are around dealing with those that won’t regulate themselves. Today, another leader was given the option to face this fact. Time will tell if he’s able to stand and deliver like Andrew or compromise and shy away like the Sherrif without so much as shoot.

Our aim, at BTL is to provide practice for these tests prior to their arrival. Our practices are painful on purpose. Only the few stand because only the few taste the other side of acute pain enough times to increase their threshold. Most settle for the chronic pain of tolerating the mediocre middle. Good to Great, not so much. How ’bout you. What are you building? Is your pain threshold increasing or decreasing? It, just like you, never stays the same. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Shoot in your eyes like a future president or the Sherrif without so much? Shoot, or not so much. You choose. Your choices decide what kinda team you have. Good…

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