Emotions and reason…

Emotions move us. Reason protects us. Wisdom is knowing when to lean into which, when to let your emotions take you where they will, and when to take three deep breathes and quiet them. Wisdom is knowing even our most rational thoughts are laced with predictably irrational ones. Leaders embrace this kinda ambiguity. Actually, leaders lead through this ambiguity everyday.

Emotions move. Reason calms. Leaders get comfortable with ambiguity. Leaders understand all decisions regardless the reason, data, and logic behind them are laced with emotion. Do you see why it’s impossible to lead another without deeply understanding yourself? Do you see why leaders are reticent, reluctant, and only revealing once they’ve done the deep work within? Do you see why your CORE is central to your ability to integrate your emotions and reason?

Emotions move, reason calms. Leaders, at least the wise ones, deftly develop both around their CORE. You, most likely, tend to overly rely on either your emotions or reason. Build both, friend. Build both. Good…

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