Linked in…

Take my word for it, leader. You need a few quality relationships with minds unlike your own. You may or may not be active on Linkedin, but you’ve got to build a team that is. Linked in, that is. Let me unpack briefly.

I’m really glad there’s a Gurue standing beside me, a Freakin’ D and a Peteness around me. The BTL band makes me better. So does Rogueman, Ron, Grappy, Cbear, Dub, Steve, slo, Brett, Durp, Miss, Joeylamb, BRob, Tay, Krit, Dave, downer, Tommyc, Timmyd, and even a PJ. I’m happy to have some atheists, agnostics, liberal lunatics, crazy conservatives, believers and some structure/order maniacs in my circle. I like to go from to A – Z in an instant. Sure is nice to have a friend remind me most people prefer A, B, C, D, and E.

Remember, leader, you need minds around you who think unlike you. Kinda like Bono said so many years ago about the power of U2 – He needs men like Edge, Larry, and Adam because they don’t agree easily. Bono’s idea of hell would be a band that thinks like he does. Funny, we’ve been told we need to be like minded to become one. This is not true. In fact, it’s the recipe for something we all want to avoid like the plague that it is. A team that over values like minds is a team plagued by false harmony. Oddly enough, this kinda team sings so out of tune. We become one, remember, not when we are like minded but when our minds are linked. Linked minds not like minded. Linked in.

Minds meld when they are all hot and wired, not cooled by only one doing all the thinking. Today, leader, tune into teammates and encourage them to challenge your thinking with some good thinking of their own. You may think you’ll go faster on your own. You won’t. Nobody is as smart as everybody, remember. You’ve been fooled, predictably, by the need for speed without understanding that three or four free thinkers are better than only one. Slow down and relect. Linked minds vs like minded. What kinda team you building, friend?

Are you linked in, leader? Good…

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